JobHack Spotlight: Thomas is building – A Free Domain Name Parking Service

This edition of the JobHack Spotlight is dedicated to Thomas, from France.

Thomas is a self taught web developer who has been freelancing and building his own side projects for a while now.

His most recent project is, a free online tool that helps people sell their unused domain names.

We interviewed Thomas to find out more;

JobHack: Hi Thomas! Tell us about domain holder and how it got started.

Thomas: I initially built DomainHolder to solve my own problem. I had about 50 domain names that I had registered over time. But there was no simple way for me to let the world know that all my domains were for sale if someone was interested. Plus I wanted someone to sell ALL of my domain names if they visited just one of them.

So I built the first version quite quickly and then realised that other people would also probably be looking for a service like this. 

JobHack: So how do you envision that this could become your own job that you’ve created for yourself?

Thomas: Well if everything goes well we will keep growing and eventually start to make money through the service. So far we have over 400 domain names parked with us and we’re building some new features which I think will be really good for our target users. But we will see! 

JobHack: Awesome, do you have any advice for JobHack students and is there anything else you’d like to share with our audience? 

Thomas: Hmm let’s see. Well, if there’s anyone that reads your blog that is interested in try out our tool then they can read a blog post we have that compares the free domain name parking tools that are available. They can also try out our service for free by going to our website;

Apart from that my advice to JobHack students would be to make sure you are solving a problem that people will eventually pay you for. And listen carefully to feedback from your initial users because you can use this to create a more valuable solution over time. 

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