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JobHack is a free online course that teaches you the practical skills of creating your own job.

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What is JobHack?

JobHack is a free online course made up of 5 challenges that each teach you a different job creation skill.

Whether you want to become a freelancer, start a small business or launch a startup, JobHack will help you get started.

85% of students say JobHack made them feel more confident in being able to create their own job.

I was always unsure about how people actually ‘create’ their own jobs. JobHack has helped me understand the process of getting started and taking the first steps!

– Sarah, Australia

JobHack has helped me see the world in a different way. Since completing the challenges I have started my own chicken farm and hope to hire my first employee soon.

– Jonathan, Uganda

A note from the Founder & CEO of JobHack:

All over the world young people are facing an uncertain future in a rapidly changing world of work. JobHack was created as a free accessible online education course to help reduce youth unemployment globally.  I hope it helps you create the job you want to have.

– Nathan Murphy, Founder of JobHack, & CoFounder of QuizBreaker & TriviaNerd

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